words of the day: "Art Imitates Life"

Take a look at this song "I'm not crazy, I'm just a liitle unwell" by Matchbox Twenty. Don't you feel a little insane sometimes? I mean, isn't life wonderful and amazing? We laugh, we cry, we hug, we smile, we frown, we think, we stare, we dream, we loath, we sing, we walk, we run, we hate, we love and do a lot of possibilities. We all have our little tricks for staying sane. But I'm sure we sometimes go at the edge at times.That's when we scream at the top of our lungs, we shout, we kick, we argue, we fight, we quarell, we hate, we despise,we get drunk, we drown our soul and think of all other wicked ways.When I thinkof all the madness in this world I would be surprise that I am still among the sane ones.Or am I?


Thoughts...thoughts.....thoughts, it keeps drifting. Moving, flowing, going in endless flow. One could actually just be looking at you and thier minds/thoughts pass right through you. I know, I am sometimes like that. I would just stare to eternity and never blinks. "Glassy-eyed" as they say. But what about thoughts? I have a whole entire sea of thoughts and sometimes I get so absorbed with them, while at times I get nearly drown. The funny thing is, I get so preoccupied with my thoughts at times that I don't even notice J coming to the kitchen that when he speaks I would so often get so startled and sometimes screams at him.

Let me think what my daily thoughts really are;

One, would be, what's gonna be today. A good day, a bad one, what's gonna be at work?
Two, would be, will I be happy today? What should I do to be happy?
Three, should I do my laundry today?
Four, should I go with J to exercise or walk?
And the list goes on......

Pretty boring list. I don't want to bore you so much with my day to day list. But yes, I am fond of taking down notes and reminders. I get so forgetful so often. And it could get me in trouble sometimes especially at work. But I have my ways around it.

I admit on my days off from work I would just loaf around. Or just lounge around in my jammies or even oversleep until I couldn't sleep anymore. That's only when I don't really have anything to do or it could just be that I am so lazy daisy. At times when I get up feeling very enthusiastic, I would do all my home chores until there's nothing else left to do, and I would sit down panting and say "now what?"


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