words of the day:
Yes, the nice person often finnish last.
Yes, if you don't scam your fellow man, he will scam you first.
Yes, some people will do anything for a buck.
Yes, the nice guy does often dumped for a creep.

If you think life is unfair, it is. But that's the way it is. I guess that's just how fortunes and luck play their role in people's lives. But you know what? I always think that if it's their turn today, I will wait for my turn (and I don't mean scamming others, let them do the scamming). You'll never know how the events turn the next day or the next cycle of our lifetime.One could be lucky today, he/she might be unfortunate tomorrow. I often play safe, but they say that " He who risk nothing, losses everything." So I try to get risky too. If i lose, I'd say " Atleast I tried." Because they say "How will you know if you haven't tried it?"


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