words of the day:
"An expert is an ordinary fellow from another town."
~J. Vernon McGee~
J calls me the dork to the tenth power, a nerdy nerd and I think I am, really am in a way. I guess when I get bored with the very normal life I get a little insane. I believe all of us have some kind of insanity within us that we sometimes fail to admit. As I have said before, what is normal in this crazy world anyway?
Okey, I have these weird peculiar habits that annoys J so often. I love kissing and smelling his ears. I would go for the ear first. I also think it's weird but I am hooked to it. I don't really know why I am so fond of the ears. He would tell me " You are bizzare-O!" I also like to bite and it annoys him so much. I would bite him everytime he extends a part of his body like his arm or his shoulders. I might bite hard sometimes that he jerks in pain and warn me to back off. I know, it is weird,it's like my teeth are itchy and I have to bite.
There's also this strange incidents of me laughing uncontrollably, it's like I almost couldn't stop it then I started crying.And I mean really cry. I know of course that sometimes when people laugh and can't stop laughing they could have tears swelling, but mine is different. There are times that I keep laughing and can't help it and it continous until I start crying uncontrollably. It sounds crazy, isn't it? What do you call that? Laughing Syndrome? It happened maybe for the third time now, only this time I know what's gonna happen so I tried to compose myself and I didn't cry this time. I was already on my way to work and there's still that laugh inside trying to burst out even the thought of it now makes me smile. If I think of it, there wasn't even something funny. Oh well, those crazy moments do happen.
ever wonder what causes hiccups? Maybe the thing with that laughing syndrome has similar thing with that of the hiccups.I mean the body can do a lot of these little noises like burp and fart and hiccup and yawn even the popping of the knuckles or the back. Of course the pipe at our throat makes most the noise from shout to scream to whisper. But some other parts of our bodies also makes even weird noises just like the blowing of the nose.There are of course some noises that the body causes that are unmentionables. Why am I talking about all these things forgive me. It all started from the laughing syndrome.


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