When words don't contain you

Sometimes words are not enough to describe the things going on in one's life. Sometimes there are events,emotions and thoughts that are beyond description. Sometimes we don't have any words in layman's term existing to describe them all. So often times we use the next best word to describe what is it we feel, how we feel, what we think we feel, our thoughts on our feelings and so forth. Some of these things that happen in one's life are meant to be felt. Sometimes they meant to be a mystery that can only be experienced becasue sometimes putting it into words may distort the real essence of it. Just like when two people look at each other without speaking,looking to each others eyes. No words come out of their mouths, no whisper, no noise. But somehow they understand each other. A wink, a smile, a gesture, an expression painted on their face is more than enough for the other person to understand without having to use words. There are things beyond words and sometimes they are the most wonderful things in this world.


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