The wonders of autumn!

I remember a birthday card that my best friend gave me way back during our school days. It says; " Even the falling of the leaves,has a purpose." I just thought about it because fall is here again and it's one of my favorite part of the year. The kaleidoscope of colors everywhere, of nature. I know most of the time, the falling of leaves from trees sometimes signify deterioration like dying, but it is a natural cycle where the non evergreens go to what they call the "dormant stage".It's almost like a hibernation for plant where they remain inactive or asleep.You would notice that some of the trees may have buds after the leaves fall off, but those buds doesn't grow, they suspend their growing state during the dormant season. Some trees may look dead with no leaves, but they are not. They are just asleep for the winter season.

There's a lot of stuff to do during fall. One that I am fancying right now is to go up to the mountains and watch nature change it's color. Maybe take photographic evidences of the changes.Of course with that includes hiking,trail hiking,picnicking, backpacking, you know just be out there.Another is going to the lakes. It's so much fun when the weather has cooled down a few degrees from the summer heat. Maybe fishing, canoeing. It would be awesome. The cool weather really is an inspiration to be active outdoors before the winter weather comes. Another thing that I enjoy doing when the weather is temperate is jogging, running and sweat off a few inches. It is harder to shed off pounds, it is so easy to put on weight. What we loose in exercising is far too small than what we take in. It would take a lot to shed a whole meal. Walking is good too. Sometimes an evening stroll or morning walk is beneficial. It would be so nice to go camping too. Of course there's the pumpkin patches to visit and the fall festivals.I have enumerated a whole bunch of stuff to do but I wonder how many of them will we able to do before the winter weather come freezing our butt. We would definitely go up the mountains and watch the spectacular fall unfold. There's just so much to do when the weather is great, there's just not enough time to do all of them. It pays to be active. One has to put on a conscious effort to be physically active. I am guilty of being one of those mouse potatoes, clicking the mouse all day or during free time. I just have to pull myself up from being glued to the chair and work out, run, walk, move. I figure, as long as I am moving, it would help. Cardiovascular exercises and sweat,those are the best. Fall is the best time to be out there in the outdoors, whether just for fun or to be fit because when winter comes it is harder to go out there in the freezing cold.


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