The Beatles' Return

"If all the world's a stage, I want to operate the trap door." -- Paul Beatty

We had the pleasure to be able to watch them at the Duluth Fall Festival. It was a very pleasant evening when we decided to find out what's going on down there. We were not familiar with that area, we just looked up the driving direction and we headed on.We were lost actually, until we decided to go back and look for the exact turn on our map. We saw a whole bunch of cars parked, people walking and we decided to park and walk and find out if we were really lost. We walked and followed a throng of people and viola! we stumbled on the place we want to be. The band is called "The Return", A Beatles' Tribute Band.
Here's what the they say about the band.

Considered talented enough to perform in front of a national audience, THE RETURN caught the eye of Good Morning America's weatherman, Tony Perkins, as well as executives for the morning show. Since then, this amazing group of four young musicians has continued to excite crowds all over the country, growing substantially in popularity. Part of what makes a RETURN show so enthralling is the way in which they have so meticulously recreated the complete Beatle image on stage. The boys feature authentic vintage instruments, haircuts, and custom made clothes and boots. Their unmistakable Liverpool accents and Beatlesque antics truly bring out the charming, charismatic personas of the original four lads we all adore. In being true to the original Fab Four, THE RETURN derives their song list from a specific part of the Beatles catalog, primarily performing material that the Beatles played in live concert settings. This long and wonderful list of songs spans material from the early cover songs they played at Liverpool's Cavern Club, to Lennon-McCartney numbers performed on the last Beatles tour of America in 1966.

Their touring takes them to festivals, college campuses, corporate events, benefits and private functions from Georgia to California and New York to Florida. No matter where the band travels, people always enjoy THE RETURN because people everywhere still (and probably always will) love the Beatles. A few of THE RETURN'S performance credits include The Fox 97 Ultimate Oldies Concert in Atlanta, GA (two years in a row), The 94.1 Oldies Fest in Salt Lake City, Abbey Road on the River, Peachtree Road Race, First Night Athens, First Night Atlanta, Lenox Square's Star Spangled Night, Peachtree Morning TV Show, Good Day Atlanta TV show, 1996 & 1997 Atlanta Fab Four Fests, Malco Theater in Hot Springs AR, Columbia, SC Mayfest, CNN, Fox 97 Radio Morning Show & Afternoon Love Fest, Campus Live TV show, New Orleans Casinos, as well as hundreds of other private and corporate events (Coca-Cola, Turner Broadcasting, Georgia Pacific, AFLAC to name a few) and several cruises (Carnival and Royal Caribbean). THE RETURN has shared the stage with many legendary performers - Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Monkees, Peter Noone, Chubby Checker, Tommy James, B.J. Thomas, The Association, Johnny Rivers (and many more!!) THE RETURN is also particularly popular at college campuses, where fraternities, sororities, and student activity organizations line up to book them.

They can be booked for a private concert or public entertainment just like fairs and festivities. I have to say that their performance at Duluth Festival was impressive. There was a standing ovation on their last song and the crowd really had a good time, dancing to their tunes.I saw people even bring their own folding chairs and even tables with drinks, beer amybe. Some just spread a blanket and sat on the grass picnic style. We did sat on the grass and even went infront were the dancing crowds danced hippie style.But while sitting down I asked hubby if the members of the band really are from England or are they just faking their accent? He said they probably were just faking the accent, but of course they don't want the people to know and they are just playing out their character from the real Beatles' band. They said very little in between songs.And as they were about to exit, the crowd shouted "More, more,more!" in a chanting chorus. They performed next in Cornelia Georgia. Aside from the impressive performance, I think part of why the band was digged both by younger and older people is that the performers are young that they attract the younger population. But the songs attract the older people who grew up listening to these songs from the real "Beatles" band.I tell you, if you are a Beatles' fan, you would love "The Return" band.


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