"What some people mistake for the high cost of living is really the cost of high living."
-- Doug Larson--

I am not a football fan, I can watch but just not my interest. I know most guys love watching sports, and hubby is one of them. Sometimes when we are out somewhere maybe at the grocery store, he would say;"Could we just hurry up so I could watch football or baseball".I would just make a grunting sound (Freaken football/baseball!). Well, he asked me to go with him to watch the game, he got complimentary tickets from his brother-in-law. Atlanta Falcons vs the Minesota Vikings at the Georgia Dome. We took the MARTA train from Chamblee area all the way to the dome. As expected, it was quite crowded. With the taxes back on gas prices people try to save by taking MARTA. Well, we haven't taken MARTA in a while. I was a bit nauseous, I wasn't feeling a hundred percent. While in the train, since it was crowded, I could hear the hundred voices speaking all at the same time, swimming in my head. It made me feel worst. You know how you get vulnerable when you're not feeling well. I guess it's been a while that I have been in a crowded public transportation. It took a few minutes before we got off. As in a typical game, there's a lot of people. This time, they separated the men from the women at the entrance gates for inspection. I guess they are taking precautions. We hiked about four or five levels before we got to the very top of the dome. The dome was almost full. I was sitting there elbow to elbow with our sitmates. Our row was full, can't move a lot. I was just thinking, wow, they must have collected a lot of money with this crowd. Somebody's getting rich. With 69,000 attendance, thay must have collected millions. Ok, I tried to pay attention. Vick got injured, but Falcons played well. They scored easily during the first part of the game. Then took them a while to make the final score. Falcons won the game. Falcons fans left happy. Back to the train. When I finally get to sit, I noticed that to my left, a lady was crying. I thought she and her boyfriend must be just arguing so I ignored them. At the third stop, they must not have realized that was their stop. They didn't go out on time. The guy was mad and was trying to push the emergency button. When the door didn't open he tried to shout. The woman infront me told him he shouldn't do that. They could just get off the next stop and then go back. They sat back, when I looked at the lady again, she was still crying. At the next stop, they got off. The lady next to me cried "Oh my God she wet herself." Well, I saw that the lady's back was wet. She could have wet herself. The lady infront of me said "If you got to go, you got to go!" I have never wet myself, no matter how bad I had to go. Maybe I would wet myself if a gun is pointed to my face. I guess it depends on the situation. And I guess some people might have weak bladder. I know it to be a condition with kids, but as an adult? That must be tough.


It's one thing that I like about Atlanta. The diversity of culture. You can find all kinds of Asian restaurants. I like most Asian foods, I am a food adventurer.One of my favorites is Vietnamese. I normally get Pho noodle soup, it's basically beef stock, clear rice noodles with bean sprouts, slices of jalapeno with a squeeze of lime. I also love their charbroiled pork and chicken over rice. I have tried to make it at home twice, the beansprouts seed were just bigger in size that I feel the crunch every time I bit on to them. It was almost as goodas the one I get at the restaurant. But I still have to keep working on enhancing the flavor. One can even get authentic Asian food if they know where to look for.

There are also lots of Asian stores, actually international markets, well both. Sometimes it's great to just go browes at these stores and see what you could find. I love the wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables at the international markets. You can see lots of stuff that you don't see at the regular grocery stores. If you love Asian cuisine, these are the places you could check out.


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