So True! (Totoo nga naman!)

This is so true. When I was back home five months ago, I observed that people take the signs as a "dare me" signs. My first encounter with the "SIGN" was in Baguio when I was waiting for a jeepney at Km 4. Just across the street is a bold sign that says "No Loading,No unloading". I had to go back and ask my cousin where should I wait for the jeepney since there's a sign that doesn't allow loading and unloading. My cousin and his friends laughed at me. I mean I haven't been there in years and while in the US I got used to really following signs. They told me, to just wait across the street just beside the sign. I didn't believe them at first so, I went out to the street again and stood there and observed. True enough, there were people waiting just in front of the sign and the driver stopped and let them in. I was thinking to myself, "What's the sign for,then? Okey,when we were walking along the streets, we just passed by the University of Baguio and I happen to see that in front of a building or store was a sign that says "NO Stand by", but just in front of the sign is a guy sitting down. I pointed it out to my cousin and he was laughing and then he went on to say that if they didn't want anybody hanging around then, there shouldn't be a bench or sitting area where the sign is. Even then I was saying "Pinoy talaga". Then I told him that in the US, if you didn't obey signs like that you may get arrested, or may have to pay fines. So, I asked my cousin what those signs are for. He said that if there are cops in sight, then they follow the signs.But if they see no cops, then theylook the other way, act blind as if not seeing the signs at all. It's maybe funny how there are signs everywhere that says "Bawal Magtapon ng Basura Dito" yet right below it are mounds of trash. And everywhere on the walls say "Bawal Umihi Dito" but one can already tell that people have been leaking there by the smell.I think that it's totally sad that we can't follow simple rules. I don't know if a lot of us do it because we think it's cool, maybe it's in the culture.I was telling this observation to someone while we were having halo-halo and he said that the signs are just ornamental. It's almost like we follow the crowd even if deep down we know it isn't right. It's almost like one thinks that they are not violating any rules as long as nobody catches them, or as long as nobody is looking and even if someone did see the act,they look the other way.Why is that so?


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