Is it lost in translation or lost in the humor or lost in a tongue twister?

We love humor,I mean everybody enjoys fun stuff. But Filipinos can be very funny in a lots of ways. Take a look at these Taglish humour; Nakakatuwa!

Onli in da Philippines
Can there be anything more amusing than these? Is there anybody wittier than a Filipino to think all of these names? Check it out. I was literally rolling-on-the-floor-laughing while I was reading it!

Only in the Philippines will you find such amusing names as:

Bread Pitt (a bakery)
Maruya Carey (a fast-food place selling turon and maruya in Greenbelt, Makati)
Caintacky Fried Chicken (an eatery in Cainta, Rizal)
Cooking ng Ina Mo (Resto in Mandaluyong)
Cooking ng Ina Mo Rin (Resto across the street from above!)
Mang Donald's (a burger joint at the Naga City Plaza)
Candies Be Love? (Can anything be sweeter than this ? )
Doris Day and Night (a 24-hour eatery)
Babalik Karinderia
Holland Hopia (Owned by Mr. Ho) and next-door neighbor Poland Hopia (owned by Mr. Po) in Chinatown
Miki Mao (a noodle house)
Tapsi Turbi (a tapa house)
Cleopata's (a manukan and bakahan)
Goto Heaven
Goto Hell (serves spicier goto)
The Fried of Marikina (a fried chicken house)
Wrap and Roll (a lumpia outlet in Quad, Makati)
Pansit ng taga-Malaboni (a panciteria on Boni Ave., Mandaluyong)
Side-saki (a side street eatery besides Mandarin Oriental in Makati)
Let's Goat-Together (a kambingan-cum-beer garden)
Meating Place (a meat shop)
Automobili Ko (2nd hand car buy and sell shop)
Meatropolis (another meat shop)
Isda best, Pusit to the limit, and Hipon coming back (entrees on the menu of a seafood restaurant)
Cinna Von (a laundromat)
Yo Wash Up (another laundromat)
Pier Carding (a tailoring shop in Pier, Manila)
Elizabeth's Tailoring
The Way We Wear (a boutique)
Curl Up and Dye (a beauty salon)
Goldilooks (a barber shop)
Goldirocks (a gravel and sand shop)
Sylvestre's Salon
Stomach Inn (motel in San Juan)
Bote Nga Sa 'Yo (used bottle shop)
Christopher Plumbing (your friendly neighborhood plumber)
Fernando Pe's Box Office Hits (a video rental shop in Palawan)
Leon King Video Rental (in Las Pinas)
Memory Drug (a clone of Mercury Drug)
Petal Attraction (a flower shop near U.P. Diliman)
Susan's Roses (a flower shop, but of course!)
Maid to Order (maids placement agency)
Kik-Mai-Balls (food cart selling kikiam, siomai and fishballs)

And here's what I add to the list from a Pinoy singer: Celine Din Yon.
Ang Pinoy talaga.


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