"Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save."
-- Will Rogers --

Lately, I had been reading a lot. I am glad I have the time to do some reading. I have read four books just the past month. I love Katherine Neville's "The Eight". It is a combination of historical, mystical and scientific plot. Really enjoyed reading this book. Mary Higgins Clark's "We'll Meet Again", I can't believe I read it in one day. A wife was convicted of murdering her husband. Locked up and was released after six years. After doing time, she's determined to find out who shot and killed her husband.Interesting twist of events. Then I read Micheal Palmer's "Miracle Cure". It is about a certain miracle drug that's being tested before it's release to the public and a doctor who once believed in the drug went hunting for trail of deaths which may have something to do with this miracle drug.
Then James Patterson's "1st to Die." A sexual deviant who chooses to brutally kill brides and grooms on their wedding day. I also have started leaving through "Memoirs of a Geisha", I don't seem to have the patience to finish it, perhaps in due time I will be able to finish it. I have also started with John Sandford's "Silent Prey." I am still starting. Sometimes, when the beginning of the story catches my interest, I would go on reading. Sometimes, it depends on a certain mood. I could get into a reading mood and goes on and on like a bookworm. Sometimes reading doesn't get into me.


Lately, I have been doing a lot of cooking too.And not just cooking, but I am trying to practice my creativity. Some of the ways of cooking that I have tried so far; tempura - using tempura batter, I was able to make shrimp tempura, vegetable tempura, fish tempura, chicken tempura. Pasta- We have gotten into shrimp pasta alfredo, in addition to spaghetti and pancit. Curry - Chicken curry is a classic favorite especially with toasted red hot chilli peppers. It gives it a kick. Porkchops topped with sauttied onions,green peppers,red peppers,and veggies. Some veggies that I use, baby bokchoy, zuchini. It's best if the porkchops are marinated ahead of time with your choice of seasonings. I use olive oil, chilli oil, season-all, paprika,salt and pepper,dash of soy sauce.Spread,smother seasonings evenly and let it stand for 30 minutes. Salads- we are trying to take the healthier alternatives. We love spring mix, and this salad dressing called "Seven Seas", it's a red wine vinaigrette. Sprinkle sunflower seeds,or some other stuff like tomatoes, cucumber,carrots, mushrooms. Smoothies - we love smoothies especially when the weather gets steamy hot. Of course the classic banana strawberry is on our list. I would combine different fruits. Sometimes I freeze some fruits that are starting to be over ripe and then put them in the smoothie mix. I sometimes use, also those drinkable yogurt in addition to milk to the mixture. It's always refreshing. I would trick hubby into eating avocado this way, by adding avocado to the smoothie. He doesn't like eating avocados, unless it's guacamole. In a smoothie drink, you can't taste it really unless you put a lot of it. Frozen Capuccino, or mocha. That's right, we make our own at home. I am trying to have fruits for snacks and desserts, but hubby doesn't get into it. He loves ice cream and cookies. I would say he's got a sweet tooth. I am not really into sweets except chocolate. But even chocolate, I tend to be choosy. I love Cadbury chocolates. I like my chocolate more milky that sugary taste. Sushi - I love sushi, I have made homemade sushi with shrimp tempura roll. So far, it has been successful. I have to figure out how to make miso soup. Of course, the easiest way would be to get those ready made that you can just pour in hot water. But making sushi can be easy. I just don't get into making the raw stuff. It's hard to get real fresh seafoods. I mean raw fish and seafoods take special care to avoid food poisoning. So, I stick to the basic, maybe california roll next time.

Right now, am trying to avoid canned goods, and frozen goods and too much salt. I probably use more salt on all my foods.

Still in the process of well, I guess experimenting with different ways of cooking. I would like to get into steaming and other ways of course.

Another thing that am trying to do is to grow my own herbs. I have some already in pots in our backyard like parsley, shallots. I intend to get some others like rosemary, mint,oregano. Some of my herbs have been left at our last place. I even had two tomato plants blooming and some garlic. Oh well, I will get new ones later on.


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