Isn't it a wonder?

A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy? -- Albert Einstein--


If you have watched National Geographic's documentary featuring what is TABOO, I wonder what you think of nudism, nudists.
I have heard of nudist beaches and topless beaches. I have always been curious and giggle when we talk about jewels just hanging,dangling in full view of people. But I am wondering how it's like to really be there and experience it. Okey, don't look at me and imagine me naked. Of course in our world, the proper thing is to cover up. It's interesting, don't you think? Go play in the yard naked, cook naked, walk around naked, do everything naked. Of course, for people who have been doing this since they were born or for a long time seems a normal thing. Being naked scares me. I was wacthing the nudist people on TV celebrate christmas naked, even kids, putting up the christmas lights naked. Well, as a kid, I may have been naked walking around with my snot and drool just flowing on my face, but as an adult, I cannot imagine myself being out there seen in public very naked. I would still prefer to wear clothes. I have also seen another documentary about certain groups of people living in the Amazon jungles, who really live their lives naked,but there are far for civilization. Unlike what they do in this nudist area where they have been once wearing clothes. Somehow what they say is true, that in the normal world were people wear clothes, people are judged by the clothes they wear, by the shoes they wear.If we could just see people as they are, from what is within, it would have been a better world. I guess since almost 99.9 percent of population wears clothing, then that's what is considered normal. But what if it's the other way around? Of course what is taboo to us maybe be perfectly normal for other people.

Now, the second episode features Manila and their graveyards. I am aware of people building houses wherever they can as I have been and seen some parts of Manila. Every little space could be used for anything; sleeping,cooking,everything.So, I wasn't surprised when they showed some people taking refuge and and making the graveyards actually their homes. Carton roofs aren't that protective from severe weathers and rain. While the dead is being roofed better, might as well stay with the dead. Somebody's got to do the jobs there, cleaning, and maintaining the graveyards,as long as the dead doesn't haunt them at night. Filipinos are very superstitious when it comes to the dead, so a lot of people don't really mess with them. Still I have heard of people using the dead to pull up a scam through "lamay",using the dead to collect money from people.

From personal experience, during All Soul's Day, we visit the tombs of relatives, clean the it's surroundings, maybe even have lunch on top of the grave. It wasn't that scary. The last time I was in my hometown, my friend's brother died. I had a very close look at him. We even touched his face. It felt hard to the touch.Surprisingly, I wasn't afraid. I guess it doesn't scare me as I have witnessed burials and wakes of dead people and have very close contact, can even see the pores of their faces. I think that there's nothing to be scared of with the dead.The living are even more scary as they can do harm to us. I haven't really encountered any ghosts yet in my lifetime except from stories from other people, so I don't know if I believe in ghosts though I believe in the supernatural.


Boy, are we glad we are out of Louisiana. It has been a few years now. If we would have been there, we would have been submerged since we live right at the levee just a block from lake Ponchartrain overlooking the Causeway bridge. I can still recall, that when the wind blows coming from the lake, wow, it smells like watermelon. Fresh breeze, the smell of the water. I use to spend my evening walking or biking by the lake watching flocks of birds and the lake view, so serene. So nice to sit and just relax out there. But now, the whole city would be inhabitable for months according to the New Orleans mayor. It's really devastating for people who lost their homes, properties, everything,jobs,not to mention lives that have been taken away.It's catastrophic. I can't imagine people wallowing to that mud of filth from the French Quarter. Filth accumulated from Mardi Gras. That would really make people sick. I mean, black filthy residue would form around your snickers if you go walk around the French Quarter, comnination of booze,urine,barfing, you name it.

My only experience with flood was when I was in Manila. Of course those who have been there, you already know that the city is well known for flooding. I was working there and one evening there was flood around Sampaloc area, and I was out, I was really in trouble as I didn't know my way around there yet. I just wallowed around with the water upto my knees. I was so glad a lady called me in a taxi and told me they will even drop me off to my place. I was profusely greatful when I got home after wallowing in the dark water, while it was raining. I was glad to find help from a complete stranger.

Hopefully, all the affected people from the hurricane will be given help. It would be a hard recovery, picking up the pieces, but life goes on.And I hope people won't be that cruel to be taking advantage of the situation, instead try helping those who has nowhere to go.


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