"To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders" ~Lao Tzu~


okay, from this day forward I will be known as Margaret Reynolds. And that J would be known as Richard Morris. You want to find out your American name?

What's in a name anyway? Someone told me that my name sounded very catholic which is true. It is also a Spanish name at least my first names.


What's your normal day? Sleep, wake up, work, eat, and sleep again? Well, some days can still be very normal even if there are a lot of things going on. At least if nothing excites you and worst
things would stress you out. I mean somedays are just too exhausting for me even if I didn't do anything physically strenuous. Some days it just feels like you barely moved but you are just oozing with energy and at the end of the day you just want to keep doing something. Today was one of those dog tiring days that all I wanted was to come home and rest. I went with J to one of his remotes. When I say remotes, he would go physically to a certain location to promote a company or a product for the radio station. He would go out there to generate traffic, announce on the radio about the activity and people would stop by especially if there are concert tickets, or any kinds of tickets as give aways from sponsors. Anyway, I went out with him, it was at a strip mall and there were four other station present. It was fun being there, there were not a lot of people really, but I enjoyed being out there and see what they do. I enjoyed most the eating part because Honey Baked Ham was right there and they kept bringing out food. From barbecue ribs to turkey and ham sandwich. The traffic wasn't that impressive considering that there were five radio stations present. I was exhausted at the end of the remote but I had to wait until J finished what he was doing at the station while I went window shopping at the flea market. I wasn't feeling well, so I called him in just about 30 minutes to come and get me. We stopped by at Media Play and J got himself a video game which pissed him off because it didn't work on the computer. But as soon as we got home, it was miraculous that I felt so much better. I took a couple of pain reliever pills and I was perked up. I went out to clean our front garden which had accumulated a lot of leaves and pine cones and twigs from the trees. By the time I was done, J was done grilling our dinner. We had a hearty dinner and went for a short walk and back and just relaxed the rest of the evening.


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