"Remember that when you are pointing the finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you."


I had my hair cut about six weeks ago. It seemed great at that time. But after sometime, I couldn't control my hair anymore. I had to curl and shape it everytime. I didn't like so much the layers on my hair, so I decided to go back and remove about three inches again. I had a coupon for the same place, so we went there. I was hoping not to get the same hair stylist. So, when we got there I looked through the glass door if the lady who did my hair was there. I didn't see her, so we went in. After talking to one of the ladies there, I was told to wait for 10-15 minutes. I just looked through the magazines laying on the magazine rack, looking for a hair style that I might like. When my name was called I was totally surprised because it was the same lady who cut my hair six weeks ago. I was a little embarrassed but I tried not to show it. She looked on the computer screen and exclaimed,"But you just had six weeks ago." I just tried to remain casual and said that it felt like it grew very long so quikly and that I want it shorter in preparation for the hot season. I guess she knows that I didn't like the way she cut my hair before because she made comments like "Oh I must have had started something going, because you could have three inches off now then 4-6 inches later." Of course she could just be trying to converse, but I didn't feel very comfortable and not very at ease. I just wanted to just get out of there. I really got out in a hurry as soon as she was done with it. It was just an awkward situation. Maybe I just had a wild imagination. But, oh well.

When I went to work the next day, one of the teen age girls noticed I had a hair cut and told me that I should be spanked for having my hair cut. I don't exactly know what she meant, but I told her she's the one who would get some spanking if she doesn't behave.


I sometimes watch Conan O'Brien on comedy central, he is a funny guy. I happen to watch him interview Larry King. I guess to promote King's book entitled "Remember me when I'm gone". It's actually a book he wrote of how he wants people to rememeber him when he's gone. He asked Conan what Conan wante to be written on his epitaph, and Conan said " I won't be right back." Pretty clever. And then King added "Or maybe, give me three days". The interview was also in theme with the Easter holidays. If you were asked,what would you want to be written on your epitaph when you're gone?


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