~Don't try to reason with your heart or feel with your mind
for just as the heart knows no logic
the mind can't lead you to your soul.~

Sometimes, I would stare and things come swimming in my head and no words come out of my mouth. Sometimes it's difficult to describe what's going on. Sometimes, there are events that no words can describe and they are just meant to be felt. Sometimes, there are things that are only meant to be seen and not to be spoken about.

A lot of times I do really screen what I write. I guess I am just a very private person. I do value privacy. But in a way I wanted to be able to express myself openly. I think I am shy to share some of the most private thoughts I have. It's almost like allowing someone to get into your head and explore your brain. Disclosure is scary sometimes. Many people aren't sure what other people think about them once they open up. Some people feel more comfortable than others. I have to admit, I belong to the people who is reluctant to open up or to discloses openly my private thoughts. I have a more reserved personality. I believe in the saying that an empty can makes a lot of noise. But it's not always. I do admire people who has a lot to say as long as they make sense. Some can be annoying though. But as they say you can pretend to be serious but you cannot pretend to be witty. Wit can be looked at in different angles, it all depends on where a person is coming from and where he's/ she's going. Anyway, you know what I mean.


A- Act your age?: I suppose I do... but someone says I talk/write like I am 40 and I consider that as a compliment.

B- Best feature?: my eyes, I guess, someone gave me a compliment about my lips that it has natural lip lines. I suppose.

C- Chores, you hate?: washing dishes, entertaining unwanted guests.

D- Dad's name?: Eduardo
E- Essential makeup item: lip gloss and face powder
F- Favorite actor?: I have yet to discover
G- arden plants? tomatoes, garlic, onions, oregano, basil, roses, azalea, caladium, chilli peppers, jalapeno, sweet potato,eggplant, elephant ears.
H- Hobby?: Right now, gardening, and tennis
I- Idiomatic expression?: Before you criticize anyone, walk a mile in his shoes. This way, if he gets mad, you are a mile away, and you have his shoes too.
J- Jolly or not?: of course Jollibee
K- Kids?: Maybe one day
L- Living arrangements?: living with hubby of course
M- Mom's name?: Virginia
N- Number of people you've kissed?: I didn't know I was supposed to keep track of this
O- Overnight hospital stays?: 1 when I was younger for malaria when I was still living in the tropics
P- Phobia?: don't have any particular as far as I can remember, but I have a lot of fears.
Q- Quote you favor?: The man that knows something knows that he knows nothing at all -- Erykah Badu
R- ead books? Yes, reading Culture Shock by Esther Wanning, The book of Laughter and Forgetting by Kundera Milan.
S- Siblings?: 5
T-hings I think about? Life, changes, family back home and what to do when i go home on vacation.
U- Unique habit?: don't think I have one...
V- Vegetable you refuse to eat?: I almost eat all veggies, They may not be my favorites but I do eat veggies.
W- Worst habit?: shopping/ spending money that I don't have.
X- X-rays you've had?: none
Y- Yummy food you make?: adobo, bitter mellon and egg, pinakbet, pancit, spring roll
Z- Zodiac Sign?: Saguitarius


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