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Reality leaves a lot to the imagination~John Lennon~ English singer and songwriter of the "Beatles", 1940-1980


I do seem to have this spring summer fever. I want to keep doing something outdoors. My gardening fever have gone high and I just keep getting excited. I got some wind chimes with stained glass on them for light catcher and some ceramic bird feeder. I still have a whole bag of bird feeds in my closet from the previous year.

I love herbs, so I thought of starting some basil and oregano in some planters. My tomato plants are already growing robust and healthy. They seem to have survived the couple cold front the previous weeks. Now, it's all warm and sunny that allowed a lot of greens and plants to spring out from their dormant state to evergreens. Most people are crazy about ornamental plants but I prefer herbs and some ornamental plants to beautify and to drive the bugs away. I put some of the flowers that have some scents to keep the bugs from eating my herbs like marigolds at the middle. My asparagus beans and garlic and onions have sprouted already and they would be ready to be replanted in bigger pots in a few days. I guess that would keep me busy for the rest of the spring and summer. Fertilizing and watering the plants could be very exciting. I remember I would ran outside every morning to see if there are new sprouts. I was impatient when I didn't see any sprouts, but now, I can't wait for them to grow big and robust. I can't wait to put some trellis or steaks for the vine ones liker the asparagus beans and maybe the tomatoes when it starts to bear fruits. They need something to support the weight of the fruits, so I would steak them with bamboo poles or wooden poles. There are some plastic ones too in the garden centers. My elephant ears have grown again this year. I didn't dig out the bulbs from last year, but they survived the frost and they are growing again. I am still waiting for the caladiums to sprout. I guess it still early. They usually come out in summer. And we are looking to put blinds to our patio screen so that we can have privacy since our very neighbor's patio is just adjacent to ours and can see us through the screens. We are thinking about something earthy like those bamboo or something similar to put as blinds to match the brown walls and wooden walls. It's best when we do evening grill or just hang out by the patio in the evenings or have candle light dinner there. It's also very convenient because we can just turn on the bug zapper and we don't have to worry about mosquitoes and bugs. Maybe light citronella candles too.

I hope I get to organize my garden tools this week and clean the patio. It has accumulated dusts and pollen from winter and fall when it hasn't been used. I love a screened patio, the only problem we later realized is that we are very close to the street where one can hear the cars passing by. It can get more quiet in the evenings though. We have decided not to choose a place very close to the street anymore. We have to turn on a big fan every night just to masquerade the outside noise since the day we moved here. And now, I cannot sleep without the noise of the fan because I am a very light sleeper. Even the slightest noise can wake me up without the fan on or worst couldn't sleep without the noise of the fan. Some people can sleep with the television on or with the radio on, but not me. I guess it depends on what you are accustomed to. I met a friend of J's who can even sleep at the middle of the living room with people talking and chatting and with the TV on and he just slept like a baby on his blow up air bed. That, I can't do. Unless I am too tired but even then I might be able to sleep. I sometimes doze off in our living room and I can even hear J typing on the computer or his foot steps when he walks around the room or when he moves his bottom and the chair makes that squeak sound. I jump at every loud noise. I think I have used to this kind of sleeping especially when my guards are up. I also have this paranoia that I need to double check that the doors are all locked otherwise I couldn't sleep. I have to check them even if I know they are locked. I guess I have a bit of obsessive-compulsive behavior when it comes to that. That's also true about having the burners on and I had to go somewhere or even upstairs. I had to turn them off. I have this fear it might cause fire, or I would forget about it. It might be because I had burn a few pots when I forgot that I was boiling water and then I get so engrossed doing something or chat on the phone or on the computer. I guess those are healthy behaviors that would ensure safety. Better be sure than to regret it afterwards.


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