A meeting is a gathering of important people
who singly can do nothing, but together
can decide that nothing can be done.
~Fred Allen~


Sometimes my mind is barren. Even if there seems to be a lot of things going on in my mind I can't get to write them. At times because I don't seem to have the adjectives to describe them. Another thing is that I get very private at times. I tend to keep a lot of things with me. I don't know, must be fear of disclosure. I am not good at disclosing a lot of myself. Like a turtle that pokes it's head out to peek and when you touch it's head it goes back to it's shell. I don't mean I am sensitive. I think I get very private at times. Yeah, maybe I'm a bit shy. But there are times that I get babbly and bubbly. It's also true in oral conversations. Gosh! I suck at conversing. I think I am more of an introvert. Maybe slightly in between but tends to be more quiet until I get used to the person whom I'm talking to. Sometimes it depends on the aura the other person is projecting.But I'm a risk taker too. I mean I don't go with the expression "bahala na" but I tend to go with "just do it" set of mind as long as I know I could handle the consequences.


Right now, I kind'a miss friends. Especially that I haven't heard from any single soul this week. My attempt to reach yield no result. I guess I miss a lot of the old friends. Some of them I lost contact. Some of them they never wrote back. It's probably my fault too because I procrastinate in returning their mails.


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