It's pouring, the old man is snorring!

Just bored trying to kill time while it keeps pouring outside. It has been doing that since last night. I woke up with a big fat clapping sound of thunder. It was still dark outside that I thought it was still early. But when the loud rolling thunder woke me in an instant, I realized it was just cloudy, foggy and raining outside. Just want to curl back to bed, but was wide awake then. While getting bored thinking of what to do thought I'd take the quiz at quizilla. And here's the result. Not that very creative loafing, huh.

Dark shadow. Something has drawn you into darkness
in the past, and you're now trying to get out
of it. The darkness is already inside you, and
getting it out will be hard, but if you try,
maybe one day you can be who you want to be
again. Don't give in!!!

What kind of dark person are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


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