I need my own star to follow

"Funny how an endeavor could be a pleasure to someone and could be a curse to another." Somehow it's true. I met Mr.H yesterday on my training. I learned a bunch from the hands on immersion. We had a long chat after the kids settled down. We talked about a lot of things. He talked about how he loves mowing and gardenning and playing with soil and plants. But his brother loathes doing it. That day he went to the barn to supervise about four misbehaving teenagers make up for their misbehaving. "Consequence",that's what they call the punishment for any kids misbehaving and disrespecting the supervisor. He supervised them do their job until lunch time.He's right, some people love tending farms and I mean animal farms or crop farms or any other kinds of farming. But some people consider doing such thing with disgust especially when confronted with the "dirty" chore such as cleaning the manure or having to dig into filth and stench. I guess, it's also depends on peoples' interest and what motivates them to do such endeavors. I think that a lot of people may not love their jobs but they still get up early in the morning at the ring of their alarm clock to join the traffic ang throng of people in the streets just to go to the jobs they loathe so much.Maybe not all people. It's just very hard to find the job a person really love to do. Sometimes I wonder how many people really love what they are doing. Do they do it for the sake of doing something or just to finance the ever daily demands of living? Sometimes I think I am not being realistic. I wanted to find that job that I love, something that would actuate my enthusiasm and devotion. But I guess there's no such undertaking. I am not looking for an easy one,I am looking for atleast something that I like doing. I just want something that I would love doing. Because if I love doing it then half of the work is already done. You know what I mean, if you love doing something then it doesn't require so much effort and pretense to do it. Ahhh! I'm sure there are a lot of people who share this yearning.
I juts love this yak box that records my endless yakking and yapping. It's sometimes a life-saver especially when I feel the volcano inside me is about to errupt. It's always there for me. It's ever pressence really is perfect for dumping my daily garbage. Talking about garbage, do you carry your daily baggage at your back from day to day? It is advisable that we do unload our daily baggage one way or another. Otherwise, it will break our back as it gets heavier and heavier everyday. According to my sister, this daily baggage that we carry at our back gets heavier and heavier until we can no longer carry them and we would drop on the floor on our knees and cry in utter despair "I can't take this anymore!
But I would like to think of this area as my "keeper" rather than just a dumpsite. A dumpsite is filthy,stinky and messy so are my thoughts but they are mine and I treasure some of them. Some, I'd rather discard, but they are part of me.They evolved from me.


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