Don't think there aren't crocodiles because the water is calm.

I have heard some people say that I am too nice. I think that I am sometimes and my problem with being too nice is that I don't get to get mad at people who are not nice. So, I am trying not to be too nice anymore. I think I supress my anger so often that when I get home I am still mad. Mad at myself for not saying anything. I normally keep quiet even if I think I am right, but when the moment strikes I blurt out what's in my mind just to let the person know that I am irritated with his/her attitude. I really have a problem with this, so more and more the anger is compiled until I finally errupt. I am normally nice and try to get along with people I work with. But I think some people take advantage of me being so nice. That's why i am trying to be fiesty from now on. I don't just keep quiet, atleast say something. I have always admired fiesty people. People who doesn't allow nonsense crap from other people. I am learning though. I don't want to be just all that loud, but I just want to be able to stand and speak up for myself when the need arises. I know that's it's okey to get angry. They say that we should get angry if we must and get over it. I just can't get mad right on the spot. I just get mute all of a sudden. So, I am now conditioning myself to remain composed in those situations and face that person and just say what I needed to say to let them know that I am furious and let them just feel my fury and wrath. No more miss nice. Of course since I am really a nice person that will always dominate my personality.


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