Wondering and wandering thoughts:

Dusk have fallen again and am still here, done nothing. Seems time have passed so quickly. I woke up this morning with all the aches. My shoulder joints ached and my right thigh hurt. My jaw hurt when I openned my mouth.O course I looked for my Ibuprofen to rescue me from all the pains. Then I buried myself in the computer. That's all I did and then suddenly it's night time.So that's what happenned to me today. Of course I had those weird weird dreams last night. It was a dream about familiar people. It was really weird because in my dream I was dueling with my mom with a knife and cooking tongs and I was wrestling with her until I stabbed her. It felt so wierd in my dream. I kept calling out to for her to stop, but she didn't so I stabbed her.

And today J came home with a cool present for me. It wasn't that big, but I find it so cute. It's a spider ring. And I mean spider with eight legs and black. It looks real. Must be a remnant from the haloween holidays.

I know if you peek into my wacky world, it isn't that exciting. It could be very ordinary sometimes, so normal, nothing extraordinary going on. But I do believe surprises would sometimes come my way.I have had those surprises before which made my life seems alright now.

Okey, sometimes I'm lost of words to express what's in my mind. Anyhow, I try my best to put it into words.Sometimes words doesn't come so easy. Don't you have those moments that you want to say something, it's at the tip of your tongue yet you can't utter it. That's the same with what I am experiencing right now. Sometimes I just can't find words to spell it out. But I try in just simple words, but not exactly the way I want to tell the feelings within. Yes, sometimes we just use words to contain us, to express the easthetic or to describe the abstract. Sometimes inspiration eludes me, I sometimes have to compose myself to gather the magic that I do sometimes have inorder for me to compose my literary attempts. Well, sometimes I just write for the purpose of writting. Sometimes it's an outlet for me to steam off, to let out what's in my chest. Sometimes it's my way of expressing my strong feelings, like feelings of anger, of grief, of frustration,of madness and all the lines of human emotions. The stronger the emotions the more powerful words comes out of me. Sometimes it's just my way of expressing myself.


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