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I am in a relax mode right now. It has been a while that I had days off consecutively. It's sort of putting my guards down and relax. I brewed some tension tamer tea, sat and watched "Steven Speilberg's "Taken". I don't know if I am supposed to believe in aliens. But a lot of times I wonder what lies beyond. Are there beings in between the worlds? What lies beyond, beyond ? Of course the djin as featured in the horror movie "Wishmater" is just beings made up by human imaginations. There are supposed to be beings living in between the worlds that feed on wishes. But it is the opposite of a geni, an evil geni. Well, if you have seen the movie, you know what I am talking about.But if you imagine so wildly what would you think live out there? Are there other living beings in others planets, other places beyond the place we live?But of course human curiousity is always the reason for scientific experiments and researches trying to prove a theory.And things like these still remain unanswered.
Still even if I'm really on a very brief vacation my mind keeps wandering and wondering.It's actually a moment for me to sit down and think. Isn't it nice to just sit down and "zone out". You know, just thinking but not really. Your mind is just simply blank.Staring but not looking. Your eyes pierce through the walls and goof off somewhere beyond, even to another dimension.It's kinda like day dreaming. I just read that day dreaming actually prevents the brain from shrinking. I didn't know our brain shrinks, but probably it does as we grow old. But as they say " The only way to save your brain is to start using it." So, try to daydream every chance I get.
The inevitable is coming again. We might be moving. And moving means new home, new life, new place, new people, new environment. It excites me at the same time makes me think and plan of a lot of things. Just like "what am I gonna do next with my life?" I think I like the idea of changes, but then I would have to go through the process of adapting again. It could be sometimes stressful to adjust in a new home, new place, perhaps new job. But the idea of doing something different sounds good. Planning for one's life is not an easy task. It's always been weighing and balancing of things in your head. And sometimes the weight of it just pulls us down and make us collapse to the ground. I am not yet in that situation of scratching my head trying to think of what to do, but I am already starting to plan and think of small stuff.I try to envission myself already there.What I would be doing if I am already there right this moment. I want to be ready for the changes when we get there.But then again we don't know for sure until we get there. I have already proven this to be true.That ideas are just merely ideas until you make them happen or physically through it. Believing is different. I hope this would be more exciting than I think. Well, this is just another step further added to the many steps we have already took before. Perhaps this time we could be surer than before. Life keeps happening, while we are busy planning the next step. There's one thing I am sure of "Life doesn't happen if we don't move on."
I wish I have the abilities that good writers have. I don't consider myself a writer at all. I am just a student. I keep thinking that by writting I might be able to write a book someday. It's only a wish of course, but who knows. Anything can happen. As they say "Be careful what you wish for." Anyway, I have always been facinated by writers. I read a lot of books and wonder where they get all the words and ideas they used to make a whole book. They don't just make it in just a day. It took them days, weeks,months even years of thinking and putting them together. I just hope one day I could be able to do the same. Perhaps for now, I just keep wishing, maybe the gods beyond the stars would grant my wish. I do believe miracles do happen. Just one of these days. Even if this wish won't be granted, I know I'm gonna be a lucky person one day and I keep believing this. Maybe I should also keep working on it to increase the chances of me getting my wish.
I know my mind keeps jumping from one topic to another. But I hope that I am making sense. I know a lot of times I don't make sense. I just hope it's not always the case. Today, is just chance for me to keep writing what's in my mind. I just seem to have a lot of things to say. More often I run out of things to talk about or think about. I guess the key is simply relaxing and ideas will just come flowing. Of course the fact that I am left alone has something to do with it. I have my own space and the computer all to myself. Tomorrow I would have company. I think a time away from my dearly beloved spouse could be fruitful. I notice that I could do a lot of things. I could have the time to relax and spend sometime alone and think. I think every couple should give each other some time alone. It's not like you want to get away from your spouse but I think it is healthy to be away from each other for some time. It's a moment of privacy. A time to talk to yourself, look at yourself and think. Just recollect. Just try spending some time alone and see the difference.
I just recently acquired this habit of taking notes of words or phrases said in conversations or from reading especially the words and phrases that I find meaningful. Words become meaninful when combined with other words. I would sit down infront of the tv and I would take down some meaningful words I would using later in writting. Sometimes I hear them from conversing with other people. Or even from reading newspapers, magazines,books. I love to write down meaningful words. I think that's good thing.More and more I crave for meaningful words, powerful words. I should learn to increase my vocabularies. More and more I want words that have deep meanings.Not just ordinary words.But words of course have different meanings and importance to us all.Words works wonders.


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