words of the day: " I don't know what's right anymore!"

I was watching a tv show on channel E. Well, normally I don't really watch that channel. But you know how sometimes we flip channels after another looking for something watchable. And on of the celebrities said " I don't know what's sin anymore. Nothing feels like sin anymore." I often argue with J about moral standards. I have grown acquainted to a lot of things in a well developed country like the US. Everything seems to be built for convinience. Everything could be done ten times faster than years ago. Things could be done in a touch of a button. Just like what I am doing right now. Let's say years ago, they only use typewritters and maybe basic computers for doing things I am doing on this computer right now. But now they could do things ten times faster in seconds using the modern day technology.

Well, with all the technological advancements, and industrialization, sociological aspects going forward too. I'm not so sure about the changes. Sure thing people are given more time to do things since they don't have to do things manually. But I think that people are starting to become like machines. Why do I say this? People are loosing thier morality. There's moral decadence. People are starting to have this material obsessions, thus, they work like machines to achieve these obsessions. I don't know if it's me, or it's just the mere fact that I was born and raised in another time and place. I have lived here in the United States for more than three years now. But perhaps if I were born and raised here, I wouldn't know the difference.

For now, I would try to resolve some of the confusions that I have regarding what's right and what's wrong. I hope that I would be able to stick to the values and virtues I have been taught growing up. Perhaps I am still in a stage of what they call "culture shock".



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