words of the day: " I'll just smoke my life away."

The phrase above was from a co-worker. She uttered this phrase when she was about to take a smoke break. So, I asked her " How much of your life have been reduced already from smoking? She left the question hanging, she just smiled and left.

Too often we do a lot of destructive things in our lives and with our bodies when we are bored. Let me think of things we, even myself would do out of boredom. I noticed that people would munch on something, we turn to food even if we are not hungry. How many times do we open the fridge in search of something to eat just to keep ourselves busy. I think pigging out is the number on the list.Two, people smoke. Of course it may not be out of boredom, could be, but out of habit. Three,drugs, people of course use them to feel good. Temporary escape from reality, from pains, from miseries or simply doze off to another world. Of course as J always say, alcohol is one of them. Although it's not a drug, it has similar effects even worst than drugs. Fourth, would be shopping especially women, some men maybe. In fact there are cases of shopping addiction to some people. Well, the fifth one that I could think of, is that people worry to fill the space between. I do that sometimes. I hate it when I have this compulsive thoughts that would play like a broken record in my head over and over and over again that I can't even sleep. Once I'm awake my mind would play the same thoughts over and over again. Well, there's this song that J plays. And my favorite line is ........"don't worry your life away!" I love that line. It's a constant reminder for me not to sweat the small stuff.

Well, let's talk about the constructive side. J sometimes bring home a magazine called " Creative Loafing". I love the magazine. Well, it tells a lot of things to do. It mentions places to see and visit, restaurants, clubs, a lot of activities and what's going on around town. When I have a lot of time in my hand I would browse at travel guides and see places that me and J could go on our days off or sometimes find some recreational activities and recreational places to go. Of course the number one on my list for my creative loafing is simply reading. This way I somehow travel to places far and wide. I love going to the library. I'm sure we all have our own way of entertaining ourselves. I do watch the television when the mood strikes me. I could just curl on the couch for hours and hours. But most of the time the "stupid box" bores me too. Well, I have tried exercising now, it's becoming a habit which is good. And yes, I am quite fond of gardening or taking care of plants. In fact I gathered maybe seven ripe tomatoes already from my potted tomatoes. I wish the other fruits hurry up and get ripe before winter. And there's the computer which houses my OJ, the intellectual one who keeps me company in a lot of the lonely days and nights.
I guess that's it.I don't have a very exciting life. Some days of course have shining moments but I would say my everyday life have been just in a steady line. Maybe if I were to graph it would be just be a slight hill and valley and that's about it for now. I hope one day I would reach a high peak, something that would involve a job or career maybe finances. Those things. Of course I have a lot of plans and thoughts and how I would make it possible but that's all I could share for now. When I reach that moment, then perhaps I could talk more about it. For now I just watch that straight line go forward. Perhaps one day it will make miracolous leap.Well, we don't know whatever happen then. But I look forward for a magic or a miracle each day.I'm glad I still have this optimism after all those times I have exhausted myself. But you know what things happen when least expected, so I just want to prepare for whatever there is coming. I always think that there's something huge that's in store for me and that I just have to go look for it. Go find it. Otherwise, even if we don't have much, we should make the most of what we have.


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