words of the day: "I can see clearly now that the rain is gone."

Actually the word for today is PINNOYING. It comes from the words PINOY and ANNOYING. So, it literally means to annoy someone in the Pinoy (Filipino) way. J came up with this word. I found it funny. Somedays he would just blurt, "oh you are just so Pinoy!". I would ask him what he means and he would say," I just mean you are Pinoy, you have the Pinoy qualities!" He's just toying with the word. He got the word from this Filipino newspaper we got a Filipino store entitled BASTA PINOY.
It means "just Pinoy" or things you just only hear from Filipinos something like that.
The power of words could have different impacts when said in different languages. When learning new languages, so often the first words you would learn are the bad words. I remember when I first moved here in the US, I would use the cuss words like ordinary words because to me it didn't mean as much when it was said in my language. It was almost like these cuss words when I say it in english is meaningless than when it is said in my language. Now that my mind is programmed in the english language I realize I took the words for granted just uttering them just like some ordinary words. Sometimes it's because we hear people using them, it almost registers in the mind what we hear and even unconciously we utter the words without even thinking about it. I'm not really a pesron who cusses out unless I get really really pissed off.And I don't do it in public. Cussing to me is a sign of bad manners and lack of self-control. And I do hear people do that even aloud in public earshot and it doesn't bother them.


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