words of the day:
And in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It is the life in your years.
~ Abraham Lincoln~
Talking about life, now I am starting to wonder if I am making most of my life. Or am I just letting my life just slip away. I think these are just the days when I tried to do as much as I can, or do the best I can but my best wasn't good enough.Of course it will take a whole lifetime to figure out really whether that DASH in between is worth living or if I made use most of it worth it. Well, life isn't always easy to comprehend. Maybe I just do the living and do the comprehending later.
Okey, my eyes are getting heavy now. I guess my brain is getting too tired for tonight and can't think very clearly or couldn't produce any thought provoking ideas. I have had a long day. J is already in bed snoring. I was even trying to make noise but he never moved. He just left saying he just wanted to rest his eye. Yeah right, that's how he puts it. Rest his eyes, like taking a short nap. It's already the middle of the night. And I already know he doesn't really mean rest his eyes, he meant he's off to bed and leave me alone with my steaming recipe of Italian Caponata. I'm just trying to brew my very own witch potion. Maybe not potion because I will end up eating the whole stuff. I know J would just dip his fingers taste a bit of my weird food and he would say "Honey, it's good." I better keep the Caponata in the fridge before I forget about it. I have been gone dumpling crazy for the past three days too. I made dumplings for three consecutive days. It's always good whether it be a snack or just a meal. Actually I had beef and vegetable dumpling for dinner.

Oh well, I guess I am left alone here with this computer to talk to. Okey I feel some ulcers in my mouth too. I hate it when I have these painful ulcers. They are almost like pimples in the mouth. I swear, I would squeeze them if I could. They are annoying and painful.

Ok, I'm off to bed now and enjoy my sleep. Sleeping is always fun, especially when sleep brings me to dreamland. Ok, I better go now, my bed is waiting for me. Till next again. I hope I will talk about some interesting stuff by then.


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