words of the day:
We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success. We often discover what will do, by finding out what will not do; and probably he who never made a mistake never made a discovery.
~Samuel Smiles~

I try to enjoy other people's interesting lives. I mean, just by merely listening to thier stories tells a lot about what kind of life they live and what kind of persons they are.Although I am not so quick to judge other people. I don't really judge them. I just try to analyze them how they tell thier lives and how they appear to be. Most of the time they want to portray themselves of what they think is ideal. Others of course just face you with thier real face. Others in a mask, still some others try to alter thier image to decieve you. Physical image can be so decieving. I know a lot of people are not really what they appear to be. People's lives have amused me in a lot of ways.Others leave me intrigued, curious,fascinated, bewildered. Others just leave and gone.

One time,I commented "hieght doesn't matter". And I firmly believe that. I am small. A guy called me "shorty" at work. It's actually the second time a guy commented on my height. I told him " I am not short, I'm just cute"! And really I do believe that I can do well as much as any tall or average women. I even think I can do better. I think I am not just boosting my ego, but I really believe in it. It's the power of the mind. "If you think BIG, big things can happen".

With the many people I met, I have discovered that tall people may not really feel tall inside. There are small people that stands tall amongst the crowd and of course there are some that really are as they appear to be.

There are people also that tries so hard to put color to thier lives, instead they are painting thier lives black. It's pathetic. I mean they wanted so much to be interesting, they put all kinds of stunts, but deep within thier life seems so bland.I guess these are the people who are trying to find happiness in the wrong places.

There are people of course that I have encountered that have left lasting imprints in me.It is very rare but magical.And I would love to meet more people that have magics in their words and actions.


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