World beyond our world..........

Who was it that said, "Reality is the worst nightmare?"..........

Have you ever had a nightmare? I mean not figuratively, a nightmare while asleep. Dream patterns can vary from person to person. I sometimes have this half awake,half dreaming state. In that state I could see my room exactly as it is. Almost like my spirit is out of my body and is roaming around the room, I could hear actual voices.In that state it feels so real. It doesn't feel like a dream at all. There are lots of things that happened in that state, at one time I was taking a shower. When I looked on the floor I can see my reflection,then I realized I was standing on top of my dresser with the mirror, but this time the dresser is on the floor. That same dresser in our room facing our bed. All of a sudden the scene shifted and the dresser was gone and I clinged to the walls,all of a sudden there were rails and I can see the ground, I was on an elevated place I was looking down. I was screaming for help but no voice comes out of my mouth, I couldn't move, I struggled and that's when I suddenly wake up.

Sometimes there's this different version that all of a sudden my bed starts to engulf me, like there's a force underneath pulling me lower and lower but I feel like there was no bed underneath and I was going down down but no base. I would feel like I am going down on an eternal abyss and never reaching the bottom, and then at a certain point I start to struggle. My body feels all of these, and my mind is fully aware, not even feeling like it's a dream. Then I force myself to get up. I struggle until I suddenly wake up.

Sometimes, it does really feels weird because, in some of my dreams it feels like my spirit would come out of my body and roams around, go to places, and when gets to a point that I struggle and gets up I almost feel like my spirit suddenly comes back to my body seconds before I get up. Some times it's an adventure, sometimes it's a nightmare. Sometimes it has happy endings,sometimes no resolution at all, just random shift of events,places,people,dimensions. It's crazy. You know how dreams could be so scattered, doesn't make sense. Sometimes in my dreams the emotions hieghtens, it's intensified compared to how you would really feel.

There's this dream that had been lingering for sometime. In my dream I was splashed with a certain liquid and it hit the right side of my foot just above the ankle. All of a sudden there were white solid stuff protruding out of my skin. It looked like giant whiteheads, very huge in diameter, imagine giant whiteheads protruding on the surface of the skin. When I looked at it, a pang of hundred of emotions came over me, maybe of fear and hundreds of different ones. I cringed. Then I woke up, I quickly checked my leg, they was nothing on my skin, but the emotions were still there. I couldn't go back to sleep. The feeling lingered for days. And everytime I think about it, my whole body just want to scream.

There was another time, I cannot forget this because it was too real. In my dream, I was aware that I am on my bed. It felt like I was awake, then all of a sudden, bugs, whatever it was was crawling inside my skin and I felt and saw it moving, as an instant reaction I tried to brush it of. I litterally jumped out of my bed brushing and shaking of whatever that was. That's when I realize it was a dream. It was too vivid, I couldn't go back to sleep after that.

Sometimes I wonder if my spirit really wanders out of my physical body when I sleep and go out beyond the physical world. And when the spirit goes to dreamland where emotions are given life, colors, shapes dimensions that doesn't make sense in the physical world. It fascinates me to think that there's this different world we have, totally different from our waking moments. A world we explore once our heads hit the pillow and enter into that curtain of darkness. There's this inner world we have, our inner world of subconcious. I believe that this is really the place where we all store our inner most secrets. Some secrets we may never be aware of. Have you explored your inner world lately, what have you kept in that secret deposositoty of yours?

Which is better to have a nightmare awake or to have a nightmare while asleep? Have you had a nightmare lately?


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