The weather is already hinting the brrrr weathers. Winter isn't really my favorite, it's okey. I am more susceptible to cold weathers being born in the tropics. Cold weathers can be brutal sometimes, it starts by pruning the skin with it's ghostly touch,the skin starts to itch, it seems to suck the moisture out of the skin leaving it dry, then cracks that no lotion can heal.

Some things I do during winter time:

One of my remedies when any lotion doesn't seem to help, I use vaseline gel. It does seem to work. I even apply it on my face especailly when I know I would be out there for a longer period of time. I apply face cream all the time before putting on make up. My skin is from normal to dry, but it gets drier during the winter months. Another is bath oil, I apply bath oil after each shower. Just rub it all over after shower. Sometimes I do a quick rinse to avoid that oily feel on the skin. I use lukewarm water, hot water dries up the skin.

Wearing socks inside the house to avoid cold feet. When going out I normally bring with me extra sweater or jackets one thinner one and one thick onejust for emergency purposes. You never know. I bundle up everytime I go out with scarves and mittens. It always helps.Hats are very good too.

I love making stews and soups when the weather gets cold. One of my favorites include beef stew, arroz caldo, noodle soups. I am fancying arroz caldo at this moment. I bought a packet of arroz caldo at the Filipino store and it tasted really yummy. I should make one from scratch.

Hot pot is great when it's chilly. Hot pot is the Asian version of Swiss fondue. This is something I have learned while I was in Hongkong. Hot pot is basically a winter way of cooking in some of the Asian countries like Taiwan,Thailand,Hongkong,Korea and Japan. I normally use paper thin slices of meat, seafood and vegetables. They can be seasoned ahead of time. Or just plain and just use dipping sauce. For the dipping sauce, I use soy sauce, satay sauce, or blend of sauce like soy sauce with chilli and sesame oil. Of course you can use hot sauce,mustard,hoisin sauce whatever dipping sauce you like. So,to start the hot pot, you can actually use any pot if you don't have fire pot and a portable burner. There's also electric pots. Fire pots can be bought from Chinese shops. What we have is one that uses charcoal. First boil water on the regular stove and keep it hot to refill the fondue pot.Fire up the charcoals, brushing off ashes and dusts before setting the food around it. Clean and slice the meats very thinly, beef,pork or chicken. Wash vegetables, you can use any,aslong as they can be cooked very quickly, some of the ones that we use are; baby bokchoy, fresh mushrooms,baby corn, bean sprouts, napa cabbage, water spinach(kangkong) any leafy veggies that won't take long to cook. For the seafood, I normally use deveined shrimp and fish balls. After washing and cutting then in thin slices, just arrange them rows on platters. Prepare dipping sauce in small saucers. The broth can be seasoned using chicken or beef buillion. Ginger, green oinions and herbs can be added too.Or you can leave broth/water plain, since it's a communal pot, if there are other people they might have a preference. After transferring hot water to fondue pot, keep it simmering and with chopsticks just put the food in there to cook,it will just take a few minutes, fish it out using wire ladle and fondue forks and dip it to your sauce of choice. Keep adding water or broth in the pot as it recedes.

I have to do more and more indoor exercising. One that I have constantly been doing when I miss running is taebo. Concentration is the key here accompanied by determination. Sometimes I tune in to the fit channels and follow their moves. A little bit of yoga, a little bit of pilates and aerobics.

Bring in my plants before the frost starts, otherwise the will freeze on me. I have learned this the previous seasons. I have two pineapple plants, on had survived the last winter and a citrus tree. Some of my hanging baskets, I will just bring them in and store them in our guest room. My christmas cactus seems to be forming bud blossoms, I hope they will still bloom in December after I bring it inside.

I am sure the cold months would be filled with coffee, and cocoa and tea drinking while snuggled up on the couch. Hopefully we can fire up the fireplace too.


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