Bits and Pieces

" 20 random facts about me then tag the same amount of people
as minutes it takes you to write the facts "

Goodness! Parang marathon pala ito Neng. Hindi ko pa inumpisahan ay hinihingal na ako.(I haven't started writting yet and I am already out of breath.)Sorry took me a while to do this. But, Ok it says random facts, but they are subjected to change without prior notice.

1.Book monster- loves to read,my adventures starts with leafing through the pages, aside from being a blog butterfly.(I am hoping I can write a book one day...maybe in my dreams.)
2. Watches CSI,Sienfield makes me laugh, Law and Order sometimes for noodle scratching cases.
3.I have a green thumb (green pinky lang yata), kumukulubot nga lang pag winter. Love the lushy greens, ornamental plants and herbs.
4. Health concious- always on a look out for what's healthy,I'm into organic foods anything that has health benefits.
5. Speaks Tagalog, English, Ilocano, Ifugao,learning Spanish at the moment. Knows a little bit of Cantonese, understands some local Philippine dialects of Kankana-ay, Ibaloi, Pangasinanse,Kalanguya, Kelay-i, some of these dialects you may have never heard of unless you come from the Cordillera Administrative Region.
6. I play tennis, can run 3 miles before falling to my knees.
7. I like to hang out to places like the library, the mall, backyards,patios, I'm crazy about screened porches.

8. Likes to trail hike, mountain hiking/walking- think that the mountains is one of the most serene and quiet places for spiritual conquest. Loves the rolling hills too.
9. Lakes are great too, loves the woods- grew up exploring the woods looking for palm hearts and fruit trees. Climbing Star apples, mangoes, mandarin orange trees used to be my childhood past time.
10. Loves Asian culture, and learning cultures of extraordinary practices and rituals.
11. Loves Asian cuisine, Filipino of course on top of the list. Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, some Korean, some Indian. Indulge myself with Mexican food, Mediterinean, Italian, Middle Eastern foods.
12.I'm a sort of a shopaholic (atleast according to hubby). You know retail therapy. I do that sometimes.
13. Optimist- I always look on the brighter side of things. And I never give up when about anything but sometimes my procrastinations get in the way.
14. I mind my own business-hindi ako masyadong pakialamera, and I avoid people who don't mind their own beeswax.
15. I can be nuts sometimes, I have my own wacky moments. But who isn't, everyone has their own normalcy and abnormalcy.
16. I put salt on my strawberries, I peel my grapes, I peel my apples. I eat bitter mellon (Ampalaya)
17. I fear nakedness. I guess that's one of my imaginary fears, to be caught in a compromising position. Bugs, worm, I don't fear them. I am brave that way.I figure, I can always squeeze the life out of them if the try to attack me.
18. I have a giant pineapple plant in my dining room (atleast it's a fact at the moment.)And I have photographic evidence.

19. I have nearly twenty plants in our house. It's a jungle in here and I like it that way. We are just missing a monkey. I do have a hunkey monkey and Tarzan in one body though. Well Tarzan and Jane lives here and I am Jane.
20. I'm a coffee addict. I cannot start my morning without coffee. I love tea and cocoa as well, and so with capuccino and mocha drinks.


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