Irony of it all

Have you ever read a blog that seems to exactly tells the story of your emotions and thoughts and your life? It's quite chilling and causes tears to swell within and at the heart of your soul, you wonder if you were living a parallel life with someone in a parallel universe? Do you wonder if they are staring at the same star you're staring at, wherever part of the universe they might be at that moment.

Don't you have those moments when the paradox of life hits you hard? Don't you have those moments when you scream " This can't be happenning to me!" It happens to me, and when it does, I would literally feel the earth spinning at a speed, I try hard to grip on to something.


So, what do you do to steam off? What do you do to uload your daily baggage? I think that each and everyone of us has this accumulation of bad stuff within us and we need to unhload thyem sometimes otherwise we would explode. We do need to pour out our hearts sometimes. I try to do some kind of cleansing everytime I get the chance. Sometimes, all we need is a quiet time just for ourselves. Get away from the crowed and think. Sometimes, we need to get out, have some fresh air. Nature sometimes has therapuetic effect to the tired soul.

I would run, jog for miles until I don't feel anything. Till I don't feel a thing. Run to beat the wind, run till my feet don't touch the ground. Run till I'm one with the ground, almost floating.

How can one escape his/her own mind? It's a torture sometimes battling with what the heart feels and what the brain is screaming. It's a struggle.(sigh) I can't sigh enough.


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