I decided to birighten up a little bit and think of the many blessings I got for the past year. I haven't been emotionally well the past weeks for some unmentionable reasons. I could mention them, it's just that it's very personal and I would definitely feel vulnerable which I am right now. I can assure you, I will be alright. I am a very strong person, and I am gonna go through this and overcome it and grow a stronger heart afterwards. I guess I just needed someone to talk to, to pour out my heart. You know, not everything is for public consumption, especially for a very private person like me.

Well, I would like to pour out my greatfulness to all that sent me greetings and greeting cards, I know it's a bit late but, I guess it's never too late to give thanks.

Gifts poured during the holidays, thanks a bunch to all those who thoughtfully included me/us in their list. Thanks everyone.(Big hugs)

Ok, one of my favorites of all the gifts that I gotis a laptop that my luvofmine gave me. Thanks sweetie! You are really really sweet. Well, he said that he would get me one if I lost about ten pounds. I started being a (fatloser) at the beginning of December and I have lost five pounds so far. But when christmas came, he shocked me when I openned my gifts.That was really a big surprise. I guess I was just too tired that I didn't have enough excitement for my new toy. But now, I am loving it. He even got a wirless router. It is really cool.

Another toy that he gave me is an MP3 player. I didn't even know what it was when I got it, now I'm loving it because I can jog with it, weightless plus I can use it to store a lot of my stuff. Luv it! Thanks a bunch!


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