Life is like a dogsled team. If you ain't the lead dog, the scenery never changes. -- Lewis Grizzard

I have never seen animals like dogs and cats and other pets being pampered even better than humans are. My co-worker Gwennypooh, well, that's not her real name but I'd like to call her that,as I have heard some kids like to call her that.Anyway, she's got a dog named Binkywinky,well,that's not his real name either but that's how I would liketo call him. He never goes out, he's an indoor dog as Gwennypooh trained himto do so for 12 years. Yes, he's that old. Atleast while he's was with Gwenny's household circle. Binkywinky is one such lucky dog for 12 years now. As much as possible his paws wouldn't touch the ground if he's outside. He's that precious. When we were about to go see the fair, mommy Gwenny rushed to Wal-mart to buy a stroller for him. It took them almost two hours to get back. I find it funny and told her why not get one of those baby pouch and carry him around and not worry about who's gonna walk or hold him. But yes, he does not potty outside, thus, no need to walk him outside. He stays in a play pen and watches movies in the room and goes potty to some hospital pads in the bathroom.
he would cry when his mommy is not in sight. He wears a red or blue bow on his head. When we got to the fair grounds we tried to see if Binkywinky would ride the stroller. He was kinda scared, so we put a blanket around his front to prevent him from jumping off the stroller. It worked fine. He had a very pampered life, but I am wondering whether his being a dog was taken away from him will all these babying. I mean he doesn't even bark. He doesn't even play ball, but that's understandable since Gwenny's very busy and probably doesn't have time to be playing ball with him. I think, sometimes people are pampering their pets too much. And I have never seen dogs and cats that are overweight as their owners. It's only here that they have diet foods for pets or pets being put on a diet. That is really too much to hear on the news huge dogs weighing even heavier than their owners and may become as big as a lion. It's been a while but I have seen a pet dog and owner causing traffic jam while walking by the side of the road because people stop and stared at this remarkably huge dog crossing the street. And when the owner was interviewed, he said that his dog would eat a more than a bucketful of dog food. Amazing! but is that healthy?


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