What kind of girl are you?

I tried to find out what kind of girl I am and this is what I have found out.


1. A lifelong learner, eternally seeking knowledge and culture and asnwers to the BIG questions.

2. No, I don't really like lectures but I can stand sitting in a class and lieten
to other people's opinions about things and dispute it with mine.

3. I love going to libraries and book sales, aside from the books that surround me
at the library, I love the quiet,deep thinking ambience.

4.I do read Cosmo

5. No, I don't even talk about thesis.

6. I don't drive a Volvo, Saab nor a Toyota, just happen to have Mitsubishi.

7.And yes, I might like an SUV, more spacious.

8. I like to talk about anything under the sun. I can go off topic a few times
depending on where my mind goes.

9. No, i don't begin my sentence with "Susan Sarandon" but I do watch Lifetime Television Network, one of those channels that hubby would classify as one of the estrogen yak.

10. I would never pass the chance for a new experience. True that, I like the array
of adventures. I have learned that it's another way to know more about things is
to do it firsthand experience or atleast try it and feel it in the bones.

11. No,I don't own a water filter but I would probably want one. And I don't own an
acre of forest but I love the greenery and nature and jungle.


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