Screams of thrill

My neck and shoulder muscles are sore from yesterdays's blasts. When I say blasts, I mean water blasts, courtesy of Jasminetea and R. It was my first time to visit a water park. I mean, I have been to small water slides but nothing like this. I really had a great time. The place is called "White Water" in Atlanta. It was packed with children, teenagers and of course some adults. Just imagine the tons of water they use to keep the place running. Since it was my first time I didn't hesitate to try any of the water rides. Little did I know I was about to experience the most horrific ride of my life. Well, horror comes in many forms, that's jus how i put it. It was the most adrenaline rush I've ever had, when we tried the "dragon's tail". As the name suggests, it looks like a dragon's tail. It was three layered slide and you just slide your body and you just slide down with a little bit of water running at your back but every time you jump to go to the next layer of the slide you flown up slightly airborne and that's the scariest part. Then at the bottom of the slides, you would just be poured on to a small pool. I was dropped to the bottom of the pool and I wasn't even aware of it, if I had put my head slightly up so I can see where I was going, I would have been more prepared. This was the scariest of all the rides so far and yet, we started with it. The second was the "tornado" which is almost like a humungus cone shape, we got on our tubes and we circled around then we dropped from a very steep point then we went bouncing from side to side going to the bottom and then we were finally dropped on to a pool. The drop off was the scariest part. It felt like my soul have been left behind for a second there. All the other tube rides have been pretty mild. I had a great time.

Jasminetea was hesitant to get into the rides and I can understand why. But finally she got in with us. We roamed around the park and rode as many as we wanted to until we finally decided to dress up and head on for dinner. They brought us to a Japanese steak and seafood place called "Ru San's" where we ordered 40 pieces of shrimp tempura and individual shares of sushi nigiri. Jasminetea talked me into trying the tuna, salmon and baby octopus. J ordered shrimp tempura rolled sushi and we all had a bowl of miso soup. It was tasty and filling. Since we didn't have enough time we said our goodbyes and we headed back to Macon. Overall, we had a great time and I want to give a shout out to Jasminetea and R over at Marrietta for their hospitality. Sorry, we came and dragged you all out when you were supposed to be working. Hope you all enjoyed our company too. Maybe we can plan things better the next time we get together.


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