"No matter how dark the night, somehow the sun rises once again and all shadows are chased away"
~ David Matthew Click~

The entire weekend had been spent with friends. Suggested I sleep at their place for the night which I did. I packed my stuff and thought we go up to the mountains but they changed their mind, so we stayed home the next day and cooked all the Filipino foods we could think of. Maybe not all but we were able to prepare a feastful of foods on the table. As it is always expected that there's food whenever Pinays get together, it's part of the fun. I may not remember all the foods we made, there was pancit, pinakbet, ginataan sort of small fish. A Visayan dish which I am not that familiar with. But it was good. There was even lechon. Some of the Filipinas brought some more foods too.A big apple cake too was served. A huge bowl of fruits, sinigang na baboy, we even grilled some chicken. There was also cassava cake.

Everyone except me hailed from the Southern part of the Philippines like the Visayas and Mindanao. I do understand a few words of their language.

After cooking we sat and ate buffet style. With the big feast going on, eating chatting, some started singing karaoke. I sang a little bit, but didn't know most of the songs and so I would stop at the middle of the song or just sing the chorus. I really forgot a lot of the songs. But we had fun. I also met some other Filipinas I haven't met before. Most especially A, who is the webmaster of Ehpinoy. It's quite different to meet people whom I have known online. In a way we do know each other in a certain level, but meeting in person is different. It is almost like watching a hologram come to life. I mean, meeting A was something special since we had been corresponding and had been friends for years but we never really saw each other physically. I mean, when you are talking to someone online, you do seem to form an image of that person on the mental level. But when you finally meet them it's different.

A, was telling me about her trips to the Philippines. And she said that whenever she goes back home it feels like a it is a continuation of a former life which is true. I felt that way when I went back home from HK and saw that the kids I left before were all grown up upon my return, I suddenly felt old. I mean you can see the changes right there before your eyes and you suddenly realize you have been away for long and there's a lot of catching up to do. It felt like there was a big gap from the former life you had and the time you go back. It's of course expected that a lot would changes over a certain period of time. But the changes are just unbelievable. I also saw some of my neighbors whom I had gone to highschool with are now teaching in the same highschool we went to, and already have families and kids. Makes me really wonder where time has gone. Sometimes it amazes me. Sometimes I wonder what would have been my life had I stayed in my town. I often wonder where would I be now, what would I be doing? But of course all I can do is to wonder since I have started a life in another place and another time.


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