Got to Believe in Magic

It's raining outside, I can hear the raindrops falling making this rythmic sounds. It has been a long week and I am so glad to be off from work and just stay home, sleep late and it's already three in the afternoon and I am still in my jammies. Still a little bit grimy since I haven't taken a shower yet. I just viewed "Got to Believe" by Rico Yan and Claudine Barreto and it was wonderful. It's a love story, about a young girl named Tony( Claudine), wedding fashion designer, who had been dreaming of her very own wedding. Watching the movie, makes me feel nostalgic. Anyway, I would like to share some lines from the movie that really makes sense to me.

"For a relationship to work,two people has to be independently happy with their lives but chosse to be together."

"Once you found forever, wala ka nang hahanapin pa."

"Love is saying goodbye to your fondest memories and saying hello to a nightmare."

When you are about to get married, do you think of forever? Many people would say, " I will love you forever." Sometimes I think they don't know the meaning of forever. I mean even during wedding ceremonies, they would say "Till death do us part." But how long would "forever" really lasts? I think it is just everybody's hope that a relationship would last that long. Very few people reaches the word forever. I, myself hopes for "forever" to last as long as forever in my marriage. Forever is almost an impossible to achieve, it takes a lot of work and determination to reach that point.

Love, perfect love is everyone's dream. How do you know when real love is there? It's still one of life's great mysteries. But I guess you'll know when it's there. It's a cosmic bond, it could be electrifying, it's magic. I guess, it's starts with a spark, but the fire should be there. And it's not just fire, it should burn, keep burning even in the dark. Ahhh love,it really brings a lot of magic to a persons life. You'll know when real love strikes you.It would be there glowing within you and you would shine. You will just feel it right there. There will be few wrong ones, but the real one will come along.


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