Nothing much

I don't know what to write in this big space. Anyway, I am feeling guilty about mouthing my elder sister yesterday when she called. It's one of those women thingy, I mean you know PMS. Now, I dont feel good about our conversation yesterday and I am gonna call her and apologize.

The weather has been a little cooler today since it rained this morning and it seems it's going to rain again. But definitely cooler. I like it better when it cools off rather than a scourching hot hot day that you would sweat profusely even if you just walk a few feet. It isn't summer yet but it feels like a sauna out there.

Not much going on really. It's memorial Day and the streets are deserted and seems people are just hanging at home. having cook out or probably gone to the beach but then the rain seems to be interferring with the happy families beach plans.

We didn't do much today, we just went and got a bunch of groceries.And that's about it.


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