~Don't try to reason with your heart~
~or feel with your mind~
~for just as the heart knows no logic~
~the mind can't lead you to your soul.~

That was really scary. I was walking by the bridge just above the interstate and cars were just flying by. It was almost a dizzying spell while at the middle of the road, cars sweeping the road and the wind just blows right through with the jet like sweeping sound at every car that pass by.

I was able to walk home without the rain falling. I was just very lucky to get just on time for me to meet J by the elevator. I was in the shower when he called. I wasn't able to get his call. So, I just proceeded getting ready to go to the mall, but just as the elevator door open, there he was. I thought he decided to go ahead and have lunch somewhere since nobvody answered the phone. But we must have read each others mind. How is that for coincidence? I thought that was really cool, me going out of the door oblivious that he was on his way up and then we met. Just on time. had I gone a few minutes earlier, I would have missed him.

Anyway, we had lunch together at the mall food court. Then I decided he will just go ahead and go back to his training. I was left behind and roamed the mall. I didn't really find any good deals. I guess I got used to buying things at the outlet stores which are far cheaper than the prizes at the malls. I mean...I just couldn't buy anything if I don't think it's a good deal. I bought a Nike backpack though because it was I think a good deal. And I like the color, it's mauve,white and black. I thought I would keep it for a long time. It would be nice whenever we travel or if we go somewhere where we need some light packing.


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