Life That is

You make believe that nothing is wrong until you're cryin'
You make believe life is so long until you're dyin'......
~Limp Bizkit

I had been busy the past few weeks, I even barely had enough sleep and pimples are starting to pop out on my face. I really hate looking at any bumps and red spots on my face. But it always happens whenever I don't have enough sleep. Sometimes I can't stand it and pop my zit right on my face. They are not so bad but I get irritated whenever I see pimples on my face. They go away after sometime though. But i need to take some anti-oxidants and enough rest. Yup, work that is. I am trying to keep my cool and just be patient about it until my days off. It hasn't been that bad, that's probably why I am still alive and kicking. But one really that is helping to keep my cool is that I have put my mind on it. I had decided to do....just do it until it's over. I did upset my boss about the schedule I gave him, so I had to change and redo to be able to be more flexible. And I know better not to argue with the boss. I know I can't always get what I want but I can try to meet his demands half-way. So, there you go.


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