"Beauty is whatever gives joy".~ St. Edna Vincent Millay~


I have start to enjoy this. Every morning I would hop out of bed just to rush out side and check on my plants. It's almost an everyday joy to look at every inch they grow, every bud that comes out gives a certain excitement. The blooms the fruits are the greatest joy. It's almost like tending to a baby. Every growth would excites me.I was just disappointed when I saw some bugs eating the leaves slowly and it's killing some of my plants. I had to spray them with insecticide and fungicides to keep my babies healthy. That's probably a start on learning how to care and tend to a baby, similar but different in the sense that to care for a real baby would be harder yet full of joy. It's also about interest and hobby. If you are not into it, you won't have the same joy as you would, it would become a mere chore.


We had a little excursion, totally unplanned. We decided to check out the Whistle Stop Cafe where the famous Fried Green Tomatoes movie took place. It is located just off the railroad track, very small town of Juliet, here in Georgia but it must be a great stop for people during those times when the means of transportation was through the train. It is just about half hour from our place. J happened to read about the place in a magazine, so when we didn't have much to do we decided to check out the place. the food was limited since it was lunch time. But we had fried green tomatoes. They have a great, cool refreshing tea. And we satisfied our hunger with baked lemon chicken, potatoes and fried okra.There was a big autographed poster of the film by Idgie and Ruth. After lunch we saw several people from other states like from Florida and Tennessee checking out the place. The town is a very small town with antique shops and gift shops and shops selling memorabilia from the movie. I really had a feel of the very Southern atmosphere with the music, food and people.

I have to watch the film again and probably had to read the book if I can find one.

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