Words of the day:
I have seen what a laugh can do.It can transform almost unbrearable tears into something bearable, even hopeful. ~Bob Hope~

There's nothing than contagious laughter. ~Jennifer Aniston~

Laughter trully has therapuetic effects. It feels so much better working when people we work with have sense of humor. It's almost like playing. I don't feel worn out when I am having fun at work.
If we could hold on to these moments when we are having fun, it would be great. But life goes on a cycle, and nothing stays forever. All things move forward / regress, change. We can't take a hold of a good moment in the palm of our hands. They just come and go just like the wind that comes and goes. But I believe we could keep great moments in our hearts and minds. It's the pages of our lives we should ear mark on the chapters of our lives to revisit time and time again, especially during the most trying times.

LAUGHTER lightens our hearts, our lives and seems to make life better. We laugh, we cry, we frown, we make faces. But it's laughter that heals a lot of the worlds physical, psychological, emotional social and spiritual illnesses. Laughter keeps us alive and enthusiastic.

So laugh out loud and keep that laughing.Allow your brain to be tickled from time to time. It's good for you.


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