Words of the day:
LOVE is not that beautiful spark. Sure that starts it.But it is the finnish that matters.

I didn't do anything yesterday but read. I finnished the book at three o'clock in the morning. It was a book by Sigmund Brouwer, OUT OF THE SHADOWS. It is almost a tragedy, but not really. It's also a christian fiction written in the first person. When I started to read it, the series emotions in the book starting to almost envelope me.
I felt like I was a character in the story.

When I was reading DREAMSIDE by Graham Joyce.It felt so real to me. The story was so vivid or was it my imagination? I was reading it at night and I was so scared to go to sleep since the book was all about dreams. I even stopped reading it because I was alone. When I was going up to our room, the darkness frieghtened me. J forgot to turn on the night light. I even gave him a hard time for that because I was really terrified. I had the urge to wake him up, but I fought the idea.He hates being woke up.It took me a while to go to sleep. I just stared into the darkness of the room and almost jumped at every movement I noticed.I am glad it was only for one night. Otherwise sleeping would be a torture.

For now, I always look forward to going to sleep. I love the idea of dreaming. And I mean nice dreams. It's almost like I visit other places in my dreams. Other dimensions. Some places out of this world. Most of the people I see in my dreams are people I know in my hometown. Last night I saw Veamora, my neighbor back in the Philippines.She was smiling at me. Then there was shift in the scene, I was walking by a road, it was raining.Then the scene shifted again.I was at a bottom of a hill. Everywhere on the slope of the hill were glasses, but it was not whole, they werelike cut on the side.There were flowers and something red placed on them, like vases. I walked up the hill and reached the top. There was a man. And he showed me my three green pepper plants. He said he pruned them. He was about to cut some more but I prevented him. Then the scene shifted again and I was by a gate. I went in, and there was another gate I keep openning wooden gates after another. The gates where in an open field. There were events that seems vague and can't be described. But that's what I can remember of my dream from last night. I wonder what it means.

Last Saturday night I had a dream. In my dream I saw my brothers. They hugged me sweetly. I felt thier affection. They looked great. In that dream they were supposed to be my brothers but they don't look like my brothers. In that dream I was hanging around with one of my brothers, we were just talking and having a good time. I wondered what it meant. When I went to work that day I saw Ms.Jung's two sons running around. They look so cute. I wanted to pinch them. And that day too I had a good time at work with my co-workers chatting and teasing and joking around. I believe that my dream was just a symbolism of what was gonna happen to me or whom I will meet that day. Although in my dream, the feelings are more intense. In real time it wasn't, but I did had a good time. I know that significant dreams leave me an intense emotion after waking up. I know then that it is a significant dream.

To dream is like walking between a thin line of imagination and reality.I mean there seems to be a thin curtain that separates the real world and beyond, whatever there is beyond. But I believe that whatever happens during our dreams has something to do with our real life.


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