What's up,World?

"It is the choices we make that enslave our souls"

I am back! Bwuhahahaha! Just as you thought I was dead.Sorry for the long vacation, I mean hibernation. Sorry, you must be tired of the same post every time you click this page. I know, I had been dead tired clicking on this page and reads the same old stuff for like months now. But well, I had been away because of reasons unmentionable or let's just say I had been very busy. Perhaps we'll leave it to the privacy of my own world. Or leave it to the reader's imagination. Anyway, I am back and I am happy I am back. But you know what, now that I am back, I am about to go away for a real vacation. Now, this time is a real vacation and I am flying halfway around the globe back to my homeland. I would say that this trip is intended for me to do some kind of soul searching. Perhaps to find myself again out there.

Gosh! don't you have those times when you feel lost. The body is there, but where's the spirit?

I brew me a cup of ginseng coffee with cocoa and gulped it. I hate these days when I totally lack the motivation. I have the clothes and stuff piled up in the guest room and in the bedroom for me to pack and organize but I I did today was watch the freaken tv and lounge around. There are days that I would sleep and zzzzzzzz all day like I haven't slept in days, yet when I get up I still feel tired. I know it, yet I still do it. When you oversleep, it isn't good. You think you would be well rested but sleeping too much will make you even more groggy for the rest of the day. I sometimes want to beat the crap out of myself for doing that and then ending up not accomplishing anything at all for the whole day. Let's see, what have I accomplished today? I transplanted that small orange plant that have grown big during the winter months. The pot has become too small for the orange tree. I raked a few pine cones by the walkway. Trimmed some more of the mondo grass that were still left untrimmed when I trimmed them the last time. I moved the Rosemary to the front yard. I did a few rounds of jumping jack using a jumping rope. I ate one steak taco. I watched "Look Who's Talking Now" for the nth time. And am able to moyivate myself to write all these on this new page. So, I guess I did a little bit of something today! Way to go girl. I hope I will do more than that the rest of the week.


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