A Place within the Universe

"I believe this earth on which we stand is but the vestibule to glorious mansions through which a moving crowd forever press." ~Joanna Baillie~
When I was young and inocent, I would stare at the pitch black darkness illuminated by the father moon above the heavens. The stars scattered all over, twinkling, blushing as I wondered what was out there.
I can still remember the cool scent and wet feel of the grass sweating with dew in the middle of the night. Darkness blanketted everywhere, but the shining moon illuminated a secret panorama that shaped the mountains, the valleys and the lush green that carpetted the earth. The breeze has a cool feel, almost soothing to the touch. Feels refreshing as I inhale and also soothes as it caresses my longing soul.
I would sit comfortably in our wooden wagon, normally pulled by water buffalos at daytime and stare at the infinite sky. I would let my soul soar up and roam and  immerse into the beauty of the surrounding. Letting my spirit become one with the universe.The world seemed so round then. I was in my beautiful small world, inocent. I would look at the shadows beyond and wonder what's out there. What could be out there beyond those mountains, what's out there on the other side.
Then I look up to the skys and dream too. Dreams of a young inocent girl. Dreams of exploring far away lands, to see the other side of those mountains, to look if the bright moonshine reaches other parts of the world.
I would also close my eyes and feel the cool breeze brushing and blowing my long hair. I try to submerge myself to the beauty of the stillness of the night.
Some nights I would look for the brightest star as I heard from somebody telling me to look for the brightest star and make my wish. And that's what I also did.
But looking up some more, there's the infiniteness of the sky. I always wondered in awe whenever  I looked up to the sky at night when every soul are in deep slumber and I can only hear the humming of crickets, the croaking of frogs and blinking firflies that would make you think the stars have fallen on the ground . The far distance of anything even the stars and moon would often allow my mind to roam and drift wherever it wants to go. Flow with the wind, blowing to the far distance. Reaching to those special places trying to find out what's there to know, what's there to see.
Sometimes, I would share this sanctuary to some of my sisters. We would sometimes lay flat on the grass looking directly to the  vast sky and tell our unending stories, our secrets and our dreams to each other. Nothing really can bond us together than sharing the deepest part of ourselves inspired by the magnificent view of the stars. At other times, we would savor the stillness and just watch the shadows of the trees,  the far distance of the wide wide open field carpetted with coggon grass swaying and dancing with the beat of the winds. The panoramic view is such an awesome sight as we lay still and dream away.
(This has been inspired by my childhood memories spent in the farmlands of Isabela, one of the provinces in the Philippine IslandsAlso a part of the movie "Nemesis" has inspired my childhood recollection.) 


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