Karaoke! Are you fond of singing karaoke? I have had a taste of karaoke Saturday. It was fun, except I didn't understand a word of the songs that was sung. It was in Korean.Working with people of different languages can be fun, at the same time can be difficult because of the language barrier. The party was a "despidida"(farewell) for a Korean girl who's going back to Korea at the end of the month. Doing karaoke reminded me so much of the Filipino national past time. I remember that karaoke could even be found at the food courts when I was in Baguio. Of course there are karaoke bars. I haven't really gone a lot to any karaoke bars back home.Maybe once or twice. A lot of times we would just hook up the microphone and try singing by our living room. It could be fun for someone who likes to sing. And even without karaoke, a guitar and a song book would be fine. A lot of times when the "barkada" (peer group) come together and just hang around they would find singing a fond liesure time. Picnics and get together parties are not fun without some singing. Even the "sintonado" can just sing all he/she wants. Of course food is a big part. Every party is a feast with pouring alcoholic drinks.


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