Words of the day:

"Research your own experience for the TRUTH. Absorb what is useful. Add what is specifically your own. The creating individual is more than a style or system."~Bruce Lee~

It's from this book entitled VAGABONDING. It's about taking time off from your normal life- Frome six weeks to four months to two years- to discover and experience the world on your own terms. I wish I could do that. I needed it. Before reading this book, the word VAGABOND has a very different meaning to me. It could mean literally nomad. No homes, drifting from place to place. But this book changed the meaning into fun and a whole new experience that travel can offer. It's dogma in this book is actually how I look at life--PRACTICAL is the word. No exact rules, just discover your own truth. It's more like an invention of your own fun.


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