To put a smiley face.

Words for today:

Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect; it just means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections.


I strongly agree with what is said above. Despite all the shams and the drudgery, it's still a beautiful world. Life seems to go on a cycle, a continous cycle one minute people would laughing and in a sudden loss they would be crying. But they won't be crying for a long time. It's always changing and it all depends on how well we see things in the light learning. Too often when we commit mistakes we tend to scold ourselves too much. We tend to spend so much time burrying ourselves in self doubt and pity. They say that if a door closes unto us, another door will open and we stare too long to that closed door that we don't notice the open door. I think that happiness is accepting that there will always be imperfections and learning to correct them. Learn from them and focus on things that we can be able to perfect through harness and practice.It's the experience of the ugly faces of life that we learn what makes us happy. Be careful always put that smile on your face. Always strive to be happy.


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