The shivers that get's into the nerves

I have battled a colony of spiders at our patio. We came home yesterday and I was sort of cleaning up and saw all the spider webs formed at the patio ceiling and walls. I got the broom and swat all the spider house I could see. There were almost a colony of them. If I didn't do that our place would be looking like one of haunted house by halloween infested with cobwebs and spider webs and soot. They made webs almost in any corner and made a lot of babies.Ahhhh! baby spiders crawling all over the place. I had to step on them. I know they don't bite, but there were just so many of them and they are taking over our place. Not a very good sight, webs all over the place.

I was also watching my plants, admiring how robust they became when suddenly I felt some kind of insect very close to my arm, almost creeping and I felt so starled that I ran towards my husband making this noise like that of a hurt dog. It was a big bee just flying too close to my arm. Then me and J started laughing. Don't you feel this creepy feeling almost a shudder that starts from head to toe about insects crawling all over your body. Now, this reminds me of a horrific dream I had last year. I dreamt that some kind of insect had gotten into my skin, crawling inside and I felt in and saw it moving inside my skin. Then there's the dreams of snakes crawling against my skin. Creepy! I had to suddely awake myself and feel and see and make sure there were no insects in my bed. I had a hard time regaining my sleep during those days.

Last night I slept late watching COURT TV and had the unsettling feelings about the cases I watched. I have this interest on forensic files and I can sit down infront of the tv watching case after case hour after hour. The only thing I always wanted to know is why they did the crime? The case that I watched was all about a woman disappeared after going out with her boyfriend, later she was found buried in the property of the boyfriend's ex girlfriend. She was sodomised, raped and clorofoam soaked cloth was shoved into her throat which eventauly killed her.According the the prime witness (ex girlfriend) he had her take pictures while performing his sadistic sexual fantasy. He ordered her to take her clothes,then took pictures of her. Then tied her on the coffee table and rape her while the ex girlfriend took photos of the act.The man almost got away with it since he was found not guilty in the state of Milwaukee. He was not tried again because in this state you cannot try the same case for the second time, but spent time in prison for other offenses. But the reason he did this, he is a psychopath, a rare condition called sexual sadism.


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