At Every Peak is a Reward

Life needs challenges. And challenges would mean something difficult, a noodlescratcher. It is something that will push us to higher limits. Something that will make the nerves running. Something that will push us to push our limits. And so, difficulties are necessary for success and life. It is like climbing an uphill. It is when you are at the bottom that feels difficult, but once you reach the top you feel better. It's there where you would find the rewards of your efforts.

Many of us question life when things are hard and difficult. We fail to realize that these difficulties are our ladder to the peak or where we want to be. If we are going to look back, we already climbed several mountains in our lifetime. In the process we grow stronger and braver to climb the next mountain. Life is a constant uphill and downhill movement. It is the law of garvity that whatever goes up must come down. Life is a constant up and down cycle. And it is the law of nature. It is when we hit the bottom that we cry the loudest. Why me? What did I do wrong? Where did I go wrong? And so on and so forth. Some are so drunk of power when they are up that they never see the ground. So they often fall with a loud thud! And it takes them a while to recover and rise and start climbing again. Some never get to thier feet. They just drown with thier self pity for a long time. I believe that often the downfall of a person should be a learning point, not a defeat.

For some they never accept the down side to be a part of life. They moan, they complain "life shouldn't be like this!" They expect life as a cycle of all good and fun and laughters. They expect that life is a path of roses. they never realize that roses have thorns.

Some weak hearts just stay at the bottom. Those who have lost thier hopes just stay there and don't even bother to climb thier mountains. They think that it is the end of tghe world and they cannot do anything. It's pathetic.

The wise and strong continues to climb, often looks down where he has been and appreciates the experience and always believes that there's new life at every valley in between the mountain peaks.These are the jolly fellows who learn from thier mistakes and move forward and carry on thier journey. These are the strong willed and brave hearted for they have conquered thier fears and learned to play the games of life.We can play the games of life or life can play jokes on us.


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