Feeling sick???

Words of the Day:

"When the tide of life surrounds you and the water upsets your boat,
Don't waste your tears on what might have been,
Just lie on your back and float."

My head right now is just hollow. Just have some ambivalent feelings right now that might take sometime to figure out. It's just the transitions, yup, transitions in life. Now this headache too is killing me. I feel wierd. I feel exhausted and weary even after a nap. Or maybe because it wasn't even a very comfortable nap. I just curled up in that small couch with my knees almost touching my chin.I hope I will feel better tomorrow because it's gonna be a brand new day for me. Another chapter of my life has openned for me to go out there and see the world. Well, not really, just visit to the Bibb county for some immunization records confirmation, plus some other things.


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